Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Split......

Ok so last Friday was an interesting one to say the least. First let me tell you briefly about my job (day job that is). I am a medical biller for an independent company here in Central that is hired by local (and some not) doctors offices, practices, chiropractors, ect. We keep them open basically and bring in their bacon... one clinic collects hundreds of thousands of bucks each month, and we are responsible for getting all of it from pt and insurance companies. Not to mention we code charts.... blah blah... you know lots of medical jargon i wont bore you with. ANYWAY, I work for a small company... their is 12 total. Our partners handle the Imaging center and all 5 employees work in the building in front of ours.
  All that to say Friday we had a meeting with our 2 bosses..... to let us know, they are splitting!!!!! FREAK OUT mode initiated instantly in my head, right? Cause the following news is, not everyone has a place. 1 small company, split into 2 even smaller ones .... ok, great, im out of a job i just know it. The split is a great thing and on great terms it just allows us to cater to our clients better.They leave it at that saying they will let us know the following week who is going where.... lovely! Well later that day MY boss comes to me and asks me if I will go with her... she wants me on her team!! Praise the LORD! She is moving our office to denham and is giving me a raise!!! Later she meet with each of us that she picked sharing how this has been her dream for a long time but has never been Gods timing. (I did not know she heard from God, and was lol "that" kind of Christian). Can i say tears were flowing from my eyes as she shares why she felt Gods blessing on each one of our lives and believed and trusted us to take on this journey God has laid out for all of us!!!!! She draws on the board ... not statistics, marketing, goals or money marks (all the things that makes or breaks us) but a circle with the word "PURPOSE" in it.... she explains our purpose is God. BAM, thats our business plan!!! HOW LUCKY AM I????
   Like I said I knew she was a good boss, treats us good, doesnt cuss and Ive heard her mention in passing "pray" or what not, but to find out she is a born again Christian was beyond my wildest dreams!!! I knew God placed me with this job, and I dont question when my responsibilities changed from week to week, now i know why and so happy I listened to HIM. This job will not only be good for my career, bank account but now strength and based around the LORD?! Holy smokes what an awesome God indeed we serve!!! In another wise very difficult time in my life (and still stressful job) knowing that she walks so strongly with the Lord makes me very proud to work with her and Cant wait for us to branchh out.... each year we have grown but OVER 100% of the last so I have no fear of not succeding and looking very much forward to all the new things I will be doing in this as well. For real, this is a ground breaking, family first, ground up and God grown company!!!!! ;)

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  1. That is so awesome!!!! Love it! :) :) Praise the Lord. :)